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Foundation cracks

Hi my Foundation at front corner of my house has shifted and cracked brickwork and the 3 bedrooms at the front lean towards the corner room I would like a quote to fix the problem thank you

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Cracking and movement in house

Hi could someone please advise us on cracking walls and floors seem to have dropped if possible to get free quote please asap Thank you Warren grenfell

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Quote request

Hi, we may need underpinning so looking for an inspection and quote please. Thank you

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Would like a quote for underpinning. Northern side of our house is sinking, cracks are appearing. Please quote asap. Angela

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Underpinning beneath exiting foundations

Can you please forward you quote to supply and install 4 underpins beneath existing foundation founding at the surface, prior to house construction. Underpins to be 600 long x 300 wide founding 600mm below bench level. Underpins to be filled with 20MPa Concrete hand rod compacted within 20mm of underside of foundation. Shim solid after […]

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Re stumping/relevelling

Hi We are looking at purchasing a 4 bedroom transportable house that has been built on site. It is 184m2 and needs to be relevelled as it has sunk in some areas. The front verandah (suspended concrete slab) is also needing relevelling at the same time. What would it roughly cost? Do you go out […]

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Living in bungalow subsidence in the centre of the bungalow need a ballpark figure to rectify

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Supporting a pole frame house

Hi, I have a lightweight house on poles in Lobethal. We need to temporarily support the central part of the house while we conduct excavation work under the house. Could you please provide a quote estimate? Please feel free to call for more details.

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