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A city of churches, wet winters and dry summers. The harsh Australian climate in Restumping Aldgate lends itself to difficulties with many foundations constructed since the turn of the 20th century. We often get a lot of questions about the restumping process at Northern Underpinning,. We will answer all your queries here in this article.

Restumping Restumping Aldgate
Restumping Restumping Aldgate

Restumping concentrates on the process of replacing your core aspects of structural validity – the wooden or concrete stumps that are at the base layer of your property. This is not an easy process. Among the many things that restumping assesses, there are:

  • Type of stumps
  • Re-levelling work requested
  • Floorboard removal
  • Other structures and underground plans and obstructions
  • The number of stumps
  • Spacing between stumps
  • Previous underpinning work
  • Building regulations

Further, a number of things can impact on how secure your stumps are, so its important to engage a professional services vendor to check things through first. Gravity, soil conditions, water and hail, and indeed time itself work their damage on your property’s structural validity.

How much will it cost?

One of the most important questions is how much is this going to cost me!
Unfortunately, the cost depends on what is to be underpinned (a garage, a two storey house, a business structure, will all cost different amounts).
From our experience, here is a ballpark figure:

Restumping Restumping Aldgate
Restumping Restumping Aldgate
  • Initial reports may only cost $500-$1000
  • Top soil testing $500. However, if further action needs to be taken to remediate soil, expect more.
  • Also, concrete underpinning may cost between $10,000-$20,000 on average for most small-medium homes, but expect up to $25,000-$30,000 for large works.

How long will it take?

Weather permitting, we have typically found underpinning takes 3-4 days on average, sometimes up to five. Additionally, it depends on your property, but it is unusual for it to go beyond 4 days unless there are complexities in the work.

RESTUMPING Restumping Aldgate

What is the restumping process? In short: brief report, detailed assessment, rebuild, and assess.
Restumping can be a time-demanding, complex process, but it needs to be done property to ensure your home is structurally sound.


Detailed assessments will need to be performed to ensure due diligence is being done on our part. Over a few visits, the field worker will undergo a detailed assessment on your foundations, of which you will receive a copy. Also, this will examine aspects such as the stump types, materials, obstructions, risks and uncertainties and more.

Restumping Restumping Aldgate
Restumping Restumping Aldgate

Please note that restumping often require soil analysis and access to the architectural plans. However, if you have any questions, our engineers can assist you with any restumping Restumping Aldgate enquiries.
Additionally, it is important to mention here that field workers may engage a geochemical engineer to test the soil around your structure. Thus, we will develop an action plan, and once it is approved, work will take place to stabilise your residence.


With the stumps revitalised, your house will never move again (up to 25-30 years). Our consultants will come in to check that you are happy with the end result, and that our team has done the job they promised. What else do I need to know?

  • Additionally, insurance work might be necessary to protect your new investment.
  • Further, approvals from the council may need to be sort in some cases.
  • Also, costs can vary depending on the work.


Thus, if you have any questions about restumping in Restumping Aldgate, our team is a phone call away. Simply give us a call today.

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