Underpinning Adelaide

Underpinning Adelaide

Toby is a second-generation stonemason, and has been working in the building industry for 20 years. He started as a brick and block laying apprentice, went on to specialise in heritage stone work and restoration. Through his work restoring heritage buildings, he found a substantial number of significant cracks were due to aging, or poorly constructed foundations, and or soil movement. He then went on to further specialise in structural underpinning.  The method of concrete structural underpinning he offers, enables him to guarantee permanent crack repair and the structural stability of his restoration works.

Underpinning is the process of constructing new secure foundation anchor points for existing buildings, to relevel and stabilise the home or commercial premises.  

Now specialising in structural underpinning exclusively for the past 10 years, Toby and his team from Northern Underpinning have reinstated structural integrity to hundreds of buildings, both commercial and residential across South Australia. Based in the Southern Barossa Valley, Northern Underpinning, services city, metro and rural South Australia, with good old-fashioned quality customer service, and a tried and proven method of concrete (not chemical) underpinning, to give reliably solid results.  Our customers enjoy long term peace of mind, and structural stability, knowing that their job is done properly by a team who pride themselves on the quality of their work.

Underpinning Adelaide
Underpinning Adelaide

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How Do I Know If My Property Needs Underpinning?

Indications your property may require underpinning, reoccurring cracking. Sticky or jamming doors and or window, this can indicate foundation sinking.  Cornice movement or cornice collapse caused by leaning walls.

What’s The Process?

Underpinning requires major structural building works, including excavating and removing soil, hydraulic elevation/ releveling of the building and concrete reinforcing. This is done by a skilled and experienced team, using specialised equipment and knowledge.

How Long Will My Underpinning Job Take?

The timeline varies depending on the number of underpin points required, the site accessibility and the soil composition. Smaller residential jobs can be as fast as 3 days in ideal conditions, and larger scale or difficult sites can take up to two weeks or more. An average underpinning job can generally be complete within a week.

How Many Underpins Will I Need?

It depends on the level of damage to your existing structure and foundation. A site evaluation will provide you with a clear outline of how many underpins are needed to restore the structural integrity of your property.

Underpinning Services
Underpinning Services

Do We Need to Vacate The Property While Works Take Place?

Not usually. This is assessed on a job by job basis and can be discussed at the time of your meeting with Toby.

Pricing. How Much Does It Cost?

The cost varies, depending on the number of underpinning anchor points required, also on your site location and site accessibility. Underpinning requires major structural building works, including excavating and removing soil, hydraulic elevation/ releveling of the building and concrete reinforcing. It is significant structural work and the cost start from $4400, for a single anchor point. The cost of an average residential underpinning job is generally in the vicinity of $10,000 –  $22,000. It can be significantly more for large and or difficult jobs, or less where fewer underpins are needed. A site inspection will give you a clear picture of the work required to reinstate the structural integrity of your property and provide you with a customised quote.

Professional Underpinning Service
Professional Underpinning Service

How Soon Can you Start?

Generally, within 4-6 weeks from the time your job is booked and confirmed

Same Day Foundation Inspection Service.

Northern Underpinning is a renown company, we provide quality underpinning services, we are proud to offer same day foundation inspection service. We have a team of qualified engineer, who prepare the foundation report, which later helps in to analyse the condition of the foundation. So, if you have any doubts about your foundation, you can contact us, we send the team of engineers to your house. They will come to your house on the same day of booking and start their job after they’re done they will handover to the foundation report. Then you can Book the Service as per the suggestion mentioned in the report.

Help, My Wall’s About to Fall Over!?

Sometimes due to extensive rain or soil movement a wall can become significantly unstable, even overnight. It can be necessary to take emergency measures to manually acro prop the wall to stabilise the building until we can get there to underpin it. If you require emergency assistance for a wall on the verge of collapse please call Toby directly 0421 211 206.

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House Foundation Repair

How Underpinning Can Improve Life Efficacy of Your Building Foundation?

The foundation is the origin of the building that should stand still to support the entire structure. Only a strong foundation can save your building and house for heavy structural damage. But with the passage of time, the building’s foundation become unstable and weak, which may result in you in a big loss. The additional stress on the house or building footing when it is already week can lead to wall cracks, bend or rotate. Like wall cracks, there are many other signs telling you to underpin a house. If you notice sloping floors, the gap between floor and door, windows and doors not closing properly, it is high time you think about house foundation repair. Here we will discuss how underpinning can improving your house foundation stability.

House Foundation Repair
House Foundation Repair

Common Causes Leading to Structural Damage

There could be a number causes leading to weakening a building foundation. But no matter what the cause is, it is important to make structural damage repair a priority.

Poor Construction

When a house foundation is constructed in an ill-manner, and when Building Code of Australia (BCA) is not followed during the construction, the chances of crack in the stumps increase. However, if the construction is done under the guidance of experienced and well-qualified engineer according to the rules of BCA, the chances of foundation damage are quite dubious.

Substandard Material

Besides the construction method, if the materials and techniques implemented in the construction are of poor-quality then the foundation is more likely to get damaged. If BCA is followed properly at the time of construction and the material used is of high-quality to withstand the load of entire structure, the properties can survive at least up to 50 years without the need of house foundation repair.

Environment Changes

Changes in environment can lead to cracks in stumps and reduce foundation strength. Whether these are the natural changes or man-made changes, both can have negative effects on the performance of your foundation. Screw piles foundation system or concrete piles have the least impact of environmental changes. Below mentioned may the changes, that may demand house underpinning.

  • Taking out tree stumps
  • Level changes in the groundwater table.
  • Variation in soil moisture
  • Mining taking place nearby
  • Water-boring or dewatering activity nearby
  • Underpinning for House Foundation Stability

House underpinning increases the depth of foundation, which supports the faulty foundations. Underpinning is a great option when there have been alterations in the existing building or when the foundations of the house are damaged. If you notice above mentioned signs in your property, then make sure you take necessary actions by calling the professionals before it is too late.

House Underpinning
House Underpinning

Who can Help You Improve and Stabilize Building Foundation?

Only the professionals can help improve life efficacy of your foundation by house underpinning. The professionals you choose for foundation repair or structural damage repair must have been serving in the niche for years and have a good reputation in the field. And Northern Underpinning is one such company where you can get guaranteed results for underpinning Adelaide. We are a well-known name in the industry, most famous for offering the best services at the most reasonable underpinning cost.