Why you should worry about cracked walls?


Cracked wall in homes is a reason for panic amongst the majority of people in Adelaide. The wall cracks is a serious sign of building faults, structural damage, damaged and failed foundation or sinking. However, some wall cracks is no reason to worry. These cracks might because of seasonal-expansion and contraction, it’s better to not to address those cracks.

How a wall crack is a sign of structural issue?

While small cracks can be quick fix using wall putty and paints, big cracks may be the sign of a structural problem. If there is a problem in opening and closing of windows or door and the cracks are making their through the corner of windows and doors, there is a high chance that the issue lies in structural integrity.

Look for these signs in order to confirm figure out the problem.

  • Check if the wall is sloping, if one side of the wall is bigger than the other. You need to address it on an immediate basis.
  • If you’re feeling that windows are doors are not closing properly or you are using excessive force to open or close the door. You need to take some action.
  • If the cracks are more than 0.5 CM, you need to address it as soon as you can.

How professional fixes this?

When houses are built, the base beneath feet is balanced and flat and each thing lines up perfectly.  After some course of time, the land beneath the house moves, shifts, sinks and reach simply in a different place from when the structure was first built which results in jammed windows, door and cracks.  Thus, the appropriate solution is to turn things back to normal like before, by lifting, levelling and supports the structural integrity through a procedure known as underpinning. By keeping the things normally back to its place, the large cracks can be fixed using a putty and little bit of paint. Your house will become strong and safe while maintaining the beauty.

Moreover, the traditional underpinning is a very long and tiring process. Which lasts for weeks and require excavation, during this you have to vacate the property and the work will cause huge disruption.

Northern Underpinning is expertise in Underpinning methods which is cost and time efficient. We complete the work without causing disruption to in the premises.

Underpinning Service
Underpinning Service

Advantages of Underpinning and levelling the structure.

1) The large cracks in the house would close up and fixed using minor patches.

2) By using our grout injection process, there is a minimal mess, and there will be no disruption in your home, also the environment wouldn’t be harmed

3) There will be no need to tear up the floors or excavating the ground, we directly inject the material underneath the base.

4) Our team finishes the work in just one day.

We have a large list of commercial and industrial business clients who choose and liked our technology and working style. Northern Underpinnings prefers a safe building and won’t compromise with any error, we focuses to deliver quality services to our clients give their property a new strength.

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